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Crowdfunding Success

Matchpool has successful raised 125,000 ETH in just under two days. Thank you to all of our contributors that have made this possible, our advisors, friends, family and everyone that believed in our vision of a future Matchmaking Economy.

Video Demos


Matchpool UX Web / Desktop 

In this video, you get a taste of Matchpool for Web / Desktop. You’ll see UX examples and a first glance inside of a pool with members and introductions.

[vimeo 209415117 w=640 h=336]


Matchpool iOS Mobile Demo 

Watch an early Demo of Matchpool designed for iOS devices. Please note that examples in this video are initial designs for the user experience. We are refining the UX/UI on a daily basis before developing the app. 

[vimeo 209413978 w=640 h=317]


Matchpool Teaser

Romantic Matchmaking Teaser Ad for Matchpool.